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Customer Success Stories

Recycled PolyPro Application

    This customer was running a recycled Polypro on four 300 ton machines that had so much dust, it would clog the Autoloaders on their machines daily. Operators would have to not only clean the Autoloader filters daily, but the entire injection unit due to a buildup of dust around the Autoloader. This meant frequent machine shutdowns and safety concerns climbing onto the machines with a vacuum cleaner. The Loader Separator was installed on the Surge Bin prior to the four machines, which immediately resolved the issue of clogging filters and dust on the machines. The customer also noted an improvement in processing and a reduction of scrap after the Loader Separator was installed. 

    Santoprene Regrind

    An injection molder was running nearly 50 percent scrap due to large runners on their Santoprene parts. Grinding the Santoprene allowed them to eliminate the scrap, but created a lot of dust that would inevitably clog material system components and get stuck on Transducers. The Loader Separator was installed at the Grinder evacuation station and eliminated the need for material system cleanings and shut downs. 

    LDPE in a Medical Application

    This customer was molding LDPE components in a medical application at 500 pounds per hour. The virgin material had trace amounts of dust and with the high throughputs, it was forcing operators to shut down the Molding machine every 12 hours to clean out the blenders to prevent blender failures. Between machine shutdown, cleaning, and startup the customer was losing 10-15 minutes of production every 12 hours. The Loader Separator was installed on the Surge Bin that loaded material from the silo, and blender cleaning was reduced from every 12 hours to every 6 months during plant shutdowns. 

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