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IPS Mold Chutes, Skirts and Shields


Beck Manufacturing proudly offers Mold Chutes, Skirts and Shields,

IPS Moldshields are crystal clear plastic mold side curtains that prevent parts from scattering while allowing you to observe the molding area and monitor parts production. As the mold opens and closes, the mold shield correspondingly unwinds and recoils with each press cycle. Stop contamination and increase productivity with Moldshields. 

Custom Mold Chutes
IPS Mold Chutes are made of soft, durable vinyl with a sturdy PVC bottom lining, easily attached and removed from the molding machine using magnets and Velcro straps. Right Angle Mold Chutes have a side exit delivery. In-Line and custom styles are also available. Straight or tapered Mold Skirts are available when a chute is not required. All hardware is included.

Custom Mold Skirts
IPS Mold Skirts direct molded parts into the drop zone reducing waste and increasing profits. Skirts are easily attached and removed from the molding machine using high strength magnets and Velcro support straps. All hardware is included. Made of durable plastic with a PVC lining in the bottom to protect delicate parts.

Drum and Gaylord Covers

Drum Covers are made of heavy weight breathable polypropylene vinyl, that is USDA approved, with a clear viewing window. Elastic binding around port openings and skirt edge provide a snug fit. DSE model includes a draw cord for extra secure fit. Zippers allow port openings to be closed while not in use.

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